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More Enquiries Within 2 Weeks - We Conducted A Full Audit And Crucial Technical Optimisation To Counteract Issues Severely Affecting Rankings


Bushey Blinds has been a leading distributor in Watford for more than a decade, offering all types of blinds, shutters and awnings to the residential market, interior designers and contractors alike. Although Bushey Blinds was well known in Watford with a large client base, their online reach fell far short of their expectations. A distinct lack of visibility in the search engines for primary keyword terms meant they were missing out on a lot of potential leads and sales.


Our expert team of SEO specialists completed a full on-site audit, and crucial optimisation in key areas to counteract the many issues which were affecting the website’s ability to rank well. This included correcting meta data, page indexing, 404 errors, orphan pages, canonicalisation and in depth keyword research to ensure the right keywords were being targeted for specific pages, along with implementing key link building tactics for off-site optimisation.

The Result

After the work had been completed it wasn’t long before the company started to see very positive results. We received word that Bushey Blinds had noticed a significant increase in web based enquiries within two weeks. Furthermore, Bushey Blinds also stated that they couldn’t be happier as they were now seeing their website at the top of the search engines for many keyword terms relating to motorised blinds, their primary target market.

“Within two weeks we noticed an increase in web-based enquiries. I would sincerely recommend LeadFly to everyone” (except our competitors).”

Project Achievements


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