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More Clients For Less Money - Overhauled Their PPC Campaign To Significantly Reduce Costs Per Click, Increased Conversions And A Big Boost In Client Business

The Problem

Prestige Hygiene is a leading cleaning company providing outstanding washroom services to the financial industry and UK businesses. However, their Google Ad campaign was becoming a liability instead of an asset, with an inflated cost per click and a staggering cost per conversion. The campaign was plagued with issues such as incorrectly implemented Google Ad site links, low-quality scores, poorly written ads, and a plethora of unprofitable terms. It was evident that a major revamp was needed.


Our expert Google ads management team went to work and identified the most profitable terms, taking a granular approach to the company’s pay per click. We rewrote every ad with best practices in mind, properly implemented site links and gave Prestige’s PPC campaign a complete makeover. As a result, we were able to dramatically lower their cost per click, boost their quality scores, increase their search engine visibility and drive sales growth.


“LeadFly has been managing our Google PPC account for five years and the results have been outstanding. They lowered our cost per click, increased our conversion rate, and we’ve seen a steady growth in sales since they took over. The team is knowledgeable, responsive and truly knows their stuff. I would highly recommend LeadFly to any business that wants to optimise their PPC account.” 
Kirsty Hamilton – Prestige Hygiene

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Kirsty Hamilton


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