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Accredited Construction is a construction company based in North London. They generally had a pretty healthy Google Ads campaign but a few small things were eroding it’s efficiency. A lot of small issues together will add up and affect the overall quality score of your Google account. They were definitely paying far too much for each lead produced.


Our PPC management team implemented very granulated campaigns, keywords and match types with a heavy bias on search volume and relevancy improved overall quality scores. Ad performance was boosted and better conversions were achieved with specific landing pages for each campaign. This resulted in client revenue rising by 290% and cost per lead was halved.


“Over time, revenue from Google Ads rose by approximately 300% and our cost per lead more than halved. Essentially, we received more than twice the inquiries for the same money and converted a lot more of them. The results made a huge difference to us. LeadFly seemed extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their work. Hiring them was a good decision.”  Steve Johnson – Accredited Construction

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